Peter Grimes Co-opera co 2015

The John McIintosh Theatre is on the London Oratory School campus and is located near Earl's Court in Fulham. It's a 10 minute walk from West Brompton Station, which is well served by public transport:

By Underground: One stop from Earl's Court on the District Line, Wimbledon Branch.
By Overground: Trains run direct from Willesden Junction in the North and Clapham Junction in the South
By Bus:
Routes 74, 190 and 430 stop on Old Brompton Road outside West Brompton Station.

Walking from the Tube Station:
When leaving the tube station, turn left, cross the bridge and take the first road on the left, Seagrave Road. You'll pass the Atlas Pub, an ideal point to rendez-vous with friends, then continue to the end of Seagrave Road. The Oratory School is in front of you - follow the road through the grounds to the right, where you'll find the John McIntosh Arts Centre.



Performance dates: TBC

Conductor – Matthew Waldren

Director – Denni Sayers

Tickets are free but audience members will be encouraged to make donations at the door


John Mcintosh Theatre
Seagrave Road, London SW6 1RX


CAST & CREW information:

Peter Grimes: John Graham-Hall
Ellen Orford: tbc
Captain Balstrode: tbc
Auntie: tbc
Niece 1: tbc
Niece 2: tbc
Bob Boles: tbc
Mrs Sedley: tbc

Director: Denni Sayers
Assistant director: tbc

Conductor: Matthew Waldren
Assistant conductor: tbc

Stage Manager: tbc

Lighting designer: Paul Need



At an inquest into the death of William Spode, apprentice to the fisherman Peter Grimes, coroner Swallow calls various witnesses, including Grimes himself, but the verdict of death in accidental circumstances does not satisfy the bulk of the villagers, who regard Grimes as a violent criminal. Their attitude becomes one of open antagonism when his only friend, the schoolmistress Ellen Orford, collects another apprentice from the workhouse for him. In the pub that evening Grimes claims his new boy, to a reception from his fellow townsfolk that is openly and almost universally hostile. Ellen befriends the new boy, John, but is horrified to find evidence on his body of mistreatment. Challenging Peter with this, she is struck in her turn, and while the pub landlady Auntie and her dubious nieces find some sympathy for her the men of the village march in deputation to Grimes's hut to tackle him. They find it empty — minutes before the new apprentice had fallen to his death over the cliff edge and Peter had climbed down after him. Grimes now disappears, and the local gossip Mrs Sedley stirs the village worthies once more into action, this time with the entire Borough (minus Ellen and the retired sea captain Balstrode) forming a manhunt. While they chase after him, Grimes, completely unhinged by his experiences, turns up on the shore, to be sent by Balstrode to sink himself and his boat at sea. As the village returns to life the following morning, a report of a ship going down is dismissed as a rumour.
(Taken from the BOOSEY & HAWKES website)