Welcome to our new-look website

In preparation for one of our most exciting Summer Development Programmes to date, we are now blogging from our new-look website at: www.co-opera-co.org

All information for the Development Programme can be found here. 

The four-week course will be centred around Peter Grimes, culminating in three performances.

Don’t miss out on your chance to work alongside John Graham-Hall, Susan Gritton, Catherine Wyn-Rogers, Harry Nicoll, Yvonne Howard, Denni Sayers, Matthew Waldren, Charles Kilpatrick, Melanie Merry, David Gostick, John Rawnsley, Norman Cooley, Stephen Wilder, Kate Flowers and Nuala Willis.

There are only two weeks left to get your applications in.
Apply online here https://co-opera-co.org/2015-summer-development-course/

Full details of funding opportunities to fund your fees are also available on the website.

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